Master Key Week #16

Number 35 in chapter 16 of Haanel. I get this one. I’ve run into mental chaos many times. Haanel says, visualization must be directed by the will; we are to visualize exactly what we want; we must be carefulnot to let the imagination run riot. Imagination is a goid servant but a poor master, and unless it is controlled it may easily lead us into all kinds of speculations and conclusions which have no basis or foundation of fact whatever. Every kind of plausible opinion is liable to be accepted without any analytical examination and the inevitable result is mental chaos.

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3 thoughts on “Master Key Week #16

  1. Hi Connie,

    I love how that quote resumes the “Guardsman at the Gates” plus Law of Substitution + Law of Subconscious + Law of Growth. Nice choice from Part 16 to help us focus more on what we REALLY want.



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