Master Key Week 11

I am so grateful for this paragraph in Haanel 11:18. We are to believe our desire has already been fulfilled, it’s accomplishment will then follow. This is a concise direction for making use of the creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal Subjective mind, the particular thing which we desire as an already existing fact. This paragraph makes me relax and connect to the Law of Relaxation. I take a deep breath and sigh…remembering that a relaxed state of mind is the only doorway to mental intelligence. Connecting to the Seven Laws of the Mind is where I want to be. Knowing we have the choice of how we think about things is vital. I love to practice these Laws and keep them in the for front of thinking. When I get off track, I look at myself and say okay your objective mind is showing up I’m going to change that now! Come from my heart and come from Love, this is the way I choose to be

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