Master Key Week 14

In relation to what Charles Haanel says, we get results in exact accordance with our understanding of the Law and our ability to make the proper application.

Our thoughts are everything. If we look at our life, a look at our objective world, it is a reflection of our inner world. The beauty of looking at your life is we have the oppurtunity to change it. It takes mental labor to change our thoughts. It can be done. We learn to make the correct application of creating our life, and that is by thinking good thoughts, and realizing that all is well. When things feel like they’re not going our way or you feel off, we can sit and use the Law of Relaxation and learn the lesson from whatever you feel is going on. Always know that All is well and there is a lesson to learn!

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6 thoughts on “Master Key Week 14

  1. Connie, good for you for realizing always all is well and lessons can be learned when you feel off. From your blog rover friend John.


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